Donations Help Pay For Propane


Unless you are living in an environment of poverty, it might be difficult to understand the struggle a family goes through, just to get through a harsh Winter season.  The Pine Ridge reservation, in South Dakota as well as many other reservations around  the area, are such communities.  

The average family, on many reservations, does not always have enough money to be able to fully purchase propane to help heat their home.  This is where the BICONA foundation helps, with our "Matching Funds" program.

The “Matching Funds” program is designed to help obtain the minimum delivery amount of propane to families on the Pine Ridge reservation.  Propane season is open Nov 1st and closes April 30th the following year.


Before you do anything, those in need of propane and who are living on the Pine Ridge reservation will want to contact Lakota Plains propane (605-867-5199) to find out what the minimum delivery charge will be, then divide it by 2 to see how much they'll need on their end (see the IMPORTANT INFO at the end of this article).  

Then, they'll need to contact us ( or text 818-970-9653) anytime between Nov 1st and April 30th, to make sure that there are funds in the account to match.  

If BICONA funds are available, they would pay half of the minimum amount directly to Lakota Plains propane, contact BICONA and we will pay the other half, directly to the propane company.

The address or directions to the home being serviced.

the name of the head of household

A telephone number.

If they do not make their payment directly to the propane company on the day they request it, we will put the matching funds, back into our account the next day.


                                                       IMPORTANT INFO

Our matching fund amount will not exceed $100.00.  So for example, if the minimum delivery charge is $210.00, we will only donate $100.00... if the minimum delivery charge is $150.00, we will donate $75.00, etc.

 The matching funds will be limited to only 1 time per season (Nov 1st - April 30th), per household, as many people are in need, and we want to get to as many families as possible.

Want To Donate?

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